AOI accompanies businesses and farmers to strive for community health and sustainable development

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Strive for community health and sustainable development

Staff members in the AOI are professional, reputable, enthusiasm, and devout and have extensive experience in consulting organic production and certificating international standards. We give advice and co-operate with your farms and enterprises to produce organic products which meet the standards of Viet Nam and international. Then, the value of your products is raised, your income will be increased and your health as well as the community health is enhanced in sustainability.

In the “star-up” years, our team acts as consultants for the enterprises who co-operate to produce and consume the organic products such as Viorsa, EcoTiger. In 2017, we established Vietnam Organic Agriculture Development Center (VOADC, 30/6/2017). Later, the VOADC developed into Asian Organic Agriculture Research and Development Institute (AOI) and was got certification for actions of science and technology by Department of Science and Technology in Ho Chí Minh City on 16 May, 2019.

Since 2015, the AOI has co-operated with the enterprises from many provinces to hold successfully the demonstration of organic agriculture production in Cửu Long delta such as Trà Vinh, Sóc Trăng, Kiên Giang, Cà Mau. We are going to train and demonstrate the organic production on rice, black pepper, mango… in Highlands, South-eastern region and in the middle of Viet Nam to help famers produce products which meet the international standards of Europe (EU), the United States (USDA) and Japan (JAS)

The mission and function of AOI are:


Doing organic researches and applying these results in industrial and herb crops, horticulture plants, food crops, forest trees, soil and fertilization, fertilizer, plant breeding, plant protection, , Applied Biotechnology, micro-propagation, bio-chemical production, food processing and preservation

Doing pilot production; producing the products which result in the mentioned researches.

Doing the following services: Holding conferences, workshops; transferring scientific researchesand technological information, playing a role of reviewer or consultant, training the above fields and giving certificates.

Cooperating with the international and domestic organizations to effectuate the legally registered sciences and technologies, to promulgate the standards and give certificate the organic products on the base of standards of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) , EU (European Union), USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards).


Studying and proposing strategies, regional planning, long-term and short-term programs, projects, to serve for the socio-economic development in association with organic and sustainable agricultural production with motto “to cooperate between individuals and communities, between domestic and international businesses; to harmonize interests of individuals and communities; to preserve habitats for all organisms and to bring the economic, social and environmental efficiency.

To do researches in the fields: Biotechnology; cultivation techniques; Soil and fertilizer; Plant protection products for organic production; Study sociology and rural development; Mechanization ... for rice; industrial plants and horticulture; aquatic products and livestock; Processing organic products:

- To maintain traditional varieties and produce new varieties which tolerance or resistance to pests for organic production; Organic production is associated with biodiversity conservation and environmental resources;

-  To demonstrate organic agriculture fields in large scale; to transfer and apply the technological results  to farmers and  enterprises chuyển giao ứng dụng các kết quả nghiên cứu khoa học, công nghệ và service on seedling, organic fertilizer, bio-fertilizer, bio-pesticides;

- Develop organic production model, transfer application of scientific research, technology and service results on plant varieties, organic fertilizers, plant protection products. except organic grass;

To propose and preside over the implementation of relevant science and technology programs on organic and GAP ... applicable to local organic production.

Training worker with higher technical level; training farmers and cooperative groups, cooperatives; Participating in postgraduate training courses in natural sciences, society and technology related fields of organic agriculture.

Propagating and diffusing knowledge and results of scientific researches and technological innovation to meet the commercial requirements of safe and organic agriculture products.

Staff members are operated by regulations of the AOI, appoint, dismiss, reward and discipline; policies, training and retraining of officials and employees in compliance with the provisions of law in Viet Nam.

Doing organic agriculture services as required internationally and domestically


- Income is from:

+ Presiding over or participating in projects;

+ Transferring the innovation techniques concerning to international, domestic and local organic agriculture under the Law of Science and Technology;

+ Registering and certifying international and domestic organic agricultural products;

+ Giving advice, training for organic production, certifying certificate of organic products, the manufactories which produce products applying in procedures of organic production.

Finance and assets of AOI are complied with the AOI’s regulations and the Law of Vietnam.


Address: 54/17 Bui Quang La, WardNo.12, Go Vap District, HCM City

Phone: (+84) 989 596 877