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Honorary advisory council

The list of the Honorary Advisory Council of the Asian Organic Agricultural Research and Development Institute (AOI) includes:



Professor. Dr. BALDEO SINGH is an Indian, former member of the Board of Directors of the Indian Institute of Agricultural Research (IARI) in charge of Agricultural Extension Science, Indian Agricultural Research Council (ICAR), New Delhi-110012.

During his time as Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Extension Science, he taught many PhD. students, and Master degrees of all India and mentor dozens of PhD. Students from Asian Countries (India, Vietnam...), Africa, Asia, and Europe.

He also continuously held the position of President of the Indian  Association of Extension Education for many years (ISEE)...

He has made many contributions to community development, agricultural extension, gender equality, and the promotion of organic agriculture.

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Mr. OTSUKA KEIICHI, Director of Taiyo Nouen Company, a company specializing in the production of organic agricultural products according to JAS standards.

Mr. Otsuka together with AOI Institute developed a plan to cooperate in training JAS standards for organic agriculture for people who have requirements to stay training in the country and training abroad for a short time in Japan. The two sides jointly developed a plan to produce a closed JAS organic rice-shrimp model from production to export to Japan.

Mr. Otsuka used to go with the Institute staff to survey rice-shrimp areas in An Minh district (Kien Giang), and bananas growing in U Minh Thuong (Kien Giang) and Tri Ton (An Giang). However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the plan could not be implemented.

Recently, he has assisted AOI Institute with many trainees to complete the training program on the development of Japanese organic agriculture JAS. Organized by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), in 3 days, October 6, 13, and 19, 2022.

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Assoc. Dr. DƯƠNG VĂN CHÍN, former Deputy Director of the Cuu Long Delta Rice Research Institute (CLRRI). Head of Plant Structure Research Department. He graduated with a Doctor degree in India majoring in Agronomy and specializing in the field of weeds. He has many national and international scientific works. He served as a member of the Executive Board of the Asian Weed Science Association.

There are many research projects he had contributed in the field of weeds, rice, maize, and legumes on fertilizers and post-harvest technology, mechanization of agricultural production, etc.

After retirement, he was invited to join the Director of Dinh Thanh Agricultural Research Center (An Giang), under Loc Troi Group.

He has made many contributions to the Center for the development of many rice varieties with good quality rice of national and international level.

He is very supportive of the SRP rice production, Sustainable and Organic Agriculture movement.

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LABOR HERO - Engineer HỒ QUANG CUA graduated as a agronomy engineer from Can Tho University, 1978. After that, he worked at the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of My Xuyen district (Soc Trang). In 1997, he held the position of deputy director of DARD of Soc Trang province.

Achievements and contributions to Vietnam's rice industry by Mr. Ho Quang Cua and his research team with many rice varieties named Soc Trang province (ST), received 7 Labor Medals from the State President, 2 Golden Rice Awards of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, won first place in all domestic competitions, certified by the International Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Mr. Ho Quang Cua personally twice was honored to be nominated by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor as a delegate to the Honor of Vietnam (2014 and 2017).

In 2011, he was awarded the First Class Labor Medal by the State President and in 2012 was conferred the title of Labor Hero. In 2013, he retired.

After retiring, he established two private enterprises, Ho Quang and Ho Quang Tri, directed by his two sons and he is a consultant.

He together with the consulting group of AOI Institute successfully built the organic rice model in 2017, 2018 in My Xuyen, Soc Trang and he supported the organic movement by introducing cooperation with many enterprises to build organic rice models in Kien Giang, Ca Mau…Vietnam.

The rice varieties ST5, ST 20…and recently the best rice varieties in the world - ST 24, ST 25, have been selected by many enterprises to produce in the organic rice model with international certifications such as EU, USDA and JAS to serve domestic consumption and export.

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 ts trinhcongtu1


Assoc. Dr. TRỊNH CÔNG TƯ was born on May 5, 1966; Current residence: 32B Nguyen Thai Hoc, Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak.

- Qualification : Assoc.Prof. Dr. in Agriculture.

- Training process

+ University (1984 - 1988): Central Highlands University; Specialization in Horticulture.

+ Doctorate (1995 - 2000): Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology; Specializing in soil and fertilizer.

+ Field: Erosion and sedimentation; Training place: IAEA

+ Field: Plant nutrition : Training place: Cheju University. Korea

- Scientific research and training process and experience

From 1989 - now, working at the Center for Soil, Fertilizer and Environment Research in the Central Highlands, under the Institute of Soil and Agrochemistry, Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

+ Research on soil fertility

+ Research on plant nutrition

- Training activities: Teaching the subjects as Fertilizers and Crops; and Soil Science at Tay Nguyen University.

Phone no: 0982064645.

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Msc. Nguyễn Văn Minh’s date of birth: July 13, 1969; Current residence: 636B Huynh Tan Phat, Phu Xuan commune, Nha Be district, Ho Chi Minh City

- Qualification : Master of Business Administration.

- Training process

+ University (2001 - 2006): Ho Chi Minh City Open University

+ Master (2009 - 2011): HELP University Malaysia.

- Working process

+ From October 1987 to March 1994: Working as a purchasing officer of Song Hau Seafood Company (under the Central Fisheries Company III), Kiên Giang.

+ From April 1994 to March 1998: Worked as the leader of the technical computer team, at Ha Tien, Kien Giang Cement Company.

+ From April 1998 to June 2009: Working as an expert in the central control room, at Cement Holcim Vietnam Company - Kien Luong, Kien Giang Province.

+ July 2009 - May 2014: Worked as Project Manager, at Vinaconex Xuan Mai Construction and Concrete Joint Stock Company – Office No. 47 Dien Bien Phu, Dakao Ward, District 1, HCM City.

+ From November 2014 to present: Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam, Head of Customer Service Department for Households & Individuals, Saigon Center branch.

MSc. Minh is interested in developing organic agriculture, protecting environmental resources. Participating in projects on treatment and processing of waste into organic fertilizers.

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Mr. LÂM THÀNH KIỆT, major in Business Administration, former branch manager of Mekong Company, directly under the City Party Committee, of Can Tho City, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Can Gio Investment Company, General Director of AMASCO, General Director of Agricam group. Currently, he is the General Director of Trinh Van Phu rice processing and exporting company.

On October 6, 2022, he was decided by the General Director of Air Vietnam Aviation Joint Stock Company (AVA) to assume the position of Deputy General Director in charge of agriculture at Air Vietnam Aviation Joint Stock Company.

Mr. Lam Thanh Kiet has many achievements to contribute to Vietnam's rice trade and the companies he has participated in. Effective cooperation in participating in the chain linking rice production and consumption with cooperatives in the community development project of Oxfam Vietnam organization for many years.

He has contributed to developing a strategy to promote sustainable production and organic orientation for rice products and agricultural products in general towards increasing nutritional quality and economic value addition for farmers and enterprises.

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MSc. NGUYỄN PHƯỚC THÀNH, Deputy Director of Agricultural Service Technical Center – belong to DARD of An Giang province. The center has the function of inspecting, testing and recognizing quality, and providing services on plant varieties and livestock in accordance with standards and technical regulations as prescribed by the law;

Carrying out testing services of agricultural materials, quality of agricultural, forestry and fishery products; testing, diagnosing and treating diseases for livestock, poultry and aquatic products; Participating in standard and regulation conformity certification activities in the field of quality of agricultural, forestry, fishery and salt products;

Technical services and professional training on the quality of agricultural materials and food safety; Vocational training and education in the field of agriculture; Quality certification, good agricultural practice; Organizing scientific and technological activities in the field of quality of agricultural materials, food safety of agriculture, forestry and fishery;

Services on trade promotion of agriculture, forestry, fishery, agricultural materials in the field, management of agriculture and rural development.

MSc. Nguyen Phuoc Thanh personally has collaborated with AOI Institute for many years through community development projects, organizing cooperative production, chain linking production, and building linkage models for organic rice production.

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MSc. HUỲNH NGỌC ĐỨC,  was trained in Organic Agriculture in Japan. Currently he is a lecturer at the Department of Rural Development and Natural Resources Management, Faculty of Agriculture & Natural Resources, An Giang University.

No. 18, Ung Van Khiem, Dong Xuyen ward, Long Xuyen city, An Giang province

Phone: 0972 565 917


Soil Science

Sustainable agriculture

Organic agriculture

MSc. Duc has participated in many community development projects, developing organic agriculture in the Mekong Delta.

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Address: 54/17 Bui Quang La, WardNo.12, Go Vap District, HCM City

Phone: (+84) 989 596 877