AOI accompanies businesses and farmers to strive for community health and sustainable development

Worldwide there are 2.3 million organic farmers, 43.7 million ha of certified organic land and US$ 80 billion in consumer purchases of organic (IFOAM, 2020)

Following the success of the production link consumption in organic rice-shrimp models, in the Mekong Delta on the main crops for human food security, the project team continues to multiply organic agriculture on Pepper in Kien Giang province (Mekong Delta) and the country's Highland region.

One of the cooperation programs between TAIYO NOUEN Co., Ltd. and the Asian Organic Agricultural Research and Development Institute, we co-organized the Japan Agricultural Standards Training Workshop (JAS) on organic food:

In the framework of Graisea 2.0 project, AOI Institute in collaboration with RECERD and Kien Giang Province Extension Center organized a training course on "Improving the capacity of cooperatives in Graisea 2.0 project in Kien Giang province".


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