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 (Graisea 2.0) Nâng cao năng lưc cho tổ nhóm

In the framework of Graisea 2.0 project, AOI Institute in collaboration with RECERD and Kien Giang Province Extension Center organized a training course on "Improving the capacity of cooperatives in Graisea 2.0 project in Kien Giang province".

In the training participants include: representatives of AOI Institute, representatives of RECERD, Agricultural Extension Center, Agriculture and Extension Station of An Minh and Hon Dat districts, Giang Thanh and Tan Hiep, directors of the cooperatives and THT. The training session lasted 2 days (July 5 and July 6, 2019)


With the support of cooperatives, they had many years work, experience and working with cooperatives. Helped students who are the Board of Management of groups to solve current problems affecting the development of the group in many different areas such as financial management, relationships and the role of the group. both the team members, the ability to build, plan production and business, through various forms of communication such as: students will analyze the problems then present and receive Comments from other members and instructors will play a role in motivating students to self-aware and draw lessons for each of their group.

In the training session, female members participated nearly 50%  in construction activities and contributed ideas to cooperatives and THT issues

 One of the important contents of the training session is to build production and business planning capacity. From here the instructor points out the weaknesses, the disadvantages that affect the construction of a production or business plan of the Board members. 



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