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Results of organic pepper production and consumption linkage models in Kien Giang and Highland’s provinces

Following the success of the production link consumption in organic rice-shrimp models, in the Mekong Delta on the main crops for human food security, the project team continues to multiply organic agriculture on Pepper in Kien Giang province (Mekong Delta) and the country's Highland region.

In the Highlands, the Pepper has a high economic value, which is first accepted by farmers to convert to the organic production with international certification.



Previously, the production of organic pepper certified international standards is not easy to perform for many reasons, including the change of production practices is very difficult. Many of provincial scientific Councils have rejected these types of proposals for the reason of being unable to succeed.

However, the Pepper model in the Go Quao District, Kien Giang Province has firstly achieved the certification of international organic standards of EU, USDA and JAS. This is the proof of the efforts of businesses, the cooperatives and the team that made the project. Since then, such a new energy source spreads the organic movement to many parts of the country.



2. Model of organic pepper in Đăk Song district, Đăk Nông province, 2018

Producing organic pepper following to international standards requires strict technical process, differently from traditional farming practice. Since then, the team of specialists enhances technical training and practice for farmers.


Thereby changing farmers' perception: They said, “actually when "getting hands" produces organic pepper, what we think first of all is because of the health of the producers, later in line with market trends. Because, consumers should be using safe products for health. The benefit is that the difference in price between normal and organic pepper products. Making organic produce is hard, and keeping the prestige by customers are more difficult. Therefore, we will closely link with the cooperative members and perform good management and procedure to develop more sustainable organic pepper model".


3. Model of organic pepper in Đăk Đoa district, Gia lai province, 2018

Production in the direction of organic contributes to increase economic efficiency, to preserve the health of producers, consumers and environmental protection.

At the same time, the production in the direction of organic reduces the pest pressure is pronounced in organic garden pepper versus inorganic.

While pepper growers are wretched because of low prices, the organic products of Nam Yang Agricultural and Services Cooperative (Nam Yang commune, Dak Đoa, Gia Lai) still have stable output at good price.


Two years ago, the Nam Yang Cooperative was born at the time of the "tragic", pepper is raging epidemic, and the catastrophic price that made much skeptical in the success of this organic model.

However, in the new organic direction, the application of scientific and technological advances making pepper gardens of the Cooperative remains lush and gives organic products, to bring high value.



  1. Model of organic pepper in Mang Yang district, Gia Lai province, 2020

Organic agricultural Specialists in AOI Institute continues to support Linh Nham Cooperative (Mang Yang District, Gia Lai province) to develop the 4th organic pepper model.

Through process of training, technical guidance, and self-study experience from above 3 Cooperatives, so farmers have successfully constructed the organic pepper model in the year 2020.


The results have been audited by independent international organization (ControlUnion) with the capacity to get international organic certificates of EU and USDA, giving the excitement of the producers.

Participants in the Organic Agriculture project also enjoy common pleasure of contributing to the development of organic agriculture on a wide replication in many provinces, regions and crops of the country





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